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  • Dec 06 / 2014
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Local Insurance Is Always The Best Choice
Jase Daniels Group Inc. is a family-owned and operated insurance company. It is run without the oversight of huge multinational and/or media demands. Most insurance providers are underwritten by extremely large financial groups. This relationship locks them into modes of customer service that have little to do with the policy holders and their well being.

Jase Daniels Sr. started this insurance company in the 1950s when the American economy was booming. Insurance for home, auto, life and other items were prudent investments. Lately, the nature of insurance has radically changed, but Jase Daniels Jr. is committed to continuing his father’s philosophy. Like “the Widow’s Mite,” Mr. Daniels believes that insurance is best utilized by people who rely upon it as a safety, and not necessarily a luxury. The Jase Daniels Group Inc. is here to provide everyday people with affordable insurance that provides a sense of security in rough economic times.

Meet The Group’s Leader
Jase Daniels Jr. is a graduate of a major Midwestern University with a Bachelors Degree in Communications, and a Masters in Personal Finance. He and his wife Sherrie have been married for 12 years and have a son Michael 4, and twin daughters Kayla and Kylie 2. Though Jase Daniels Sr. is since long past, Jase Jr. has taken the reigns of Jase Daniels Group Inc. and seen to it that the original company manifesto is adhered-to, much to the local community’s delight. That manifesto includes treating all policy holders according to their need and circumstance. Yes, Jase Jr. spends a lot of time getting to know his policy holders personally.

Company Specialty
While the Jase Daniels Group Inc. is community-based and continues to operate from a building where Jase Sr. first started the business, the services offered have become more diverse. This reflects the insurance needs of people and businesses in the area.

Amazingly, this traditional insurance company is now providing services for modern needs like online businesses, start-ups, ventures, and innovative uses of commercial vehicles. Even with the professional coverage of these new plan types, the bread-and-butter of the Jase Daniels Group Inc. is homeowner’s insurance.

Jase Daniels Jr.’s academic background has fostered a passion for neighbors and friends who have suffered from the past housing bubble fiasco and recession. He has always believed that the surest path to the American dream is home ownership. This is why the majority of his insurance industry competitiveness and attractiveness has centered on the American household. He is a family man himself with long-term plans, and recognizes this desire in most of the folks who seek his help.

A Proven Company Philosophy
The Jase Daniels Group Inc. believes that even with significant setbacks, the one sure ally in establishing a home after any disaster is a local insurance group. As Jase Jr. gets to know his clients personally, he can design the perfect homeowner’s insurance plan for anyone. He works with all income levels, housing details, future plans, and risks.

Though nationwide insurance groups offer ridiculously low premiums, they often put homeowners seeking settlements in an unforgiving whirlwind of never ending red tape and unexpected outcomes. Jase Jr. understands personally the importance of having an insurance partner fighting for a family every step of the way. His insurance style will never leave a family wondering how they will manage after an accident, a disaster, or a radical shift in living situation.